Brown offers more options for those paying personal property taxes

Monday, July 8th, 2013 @ 7:53AM

PETERSBURG – Today is the deadline for residents of Petersburg to pay their personal property taxes and to get their city decals.

City Treasurer Kevin Brown said that so far this year he hasn’t seen the long lines that have become famous when the annual tax deadline of June 10 draws near. He thinks it’s in part due to increased awareness of other ways to pay.

Brown said that there are drop boxes that residents can use.

“We have six of them throughout the city,” Brown said. “Two in front of City Hall, one at the central library, one at Rodolf Shalom branch, one at the A.P. Hill Community Center and one at [J.E.B.] Stuart Elementary School.”

Brown said that the A.P. Hill Community Center and Stuart Elementary School boxes are new this year.

Though not new, Brown said the city has worked with SunTrust bank to expand an existing way for residents to pay at the local bank branches.

“That was already in place when I came into office,” Brown said. “But we asked SunTrust about promoting it more and talked to the district manager about expanding the program as well.”

Residents can now pay their tax bills – provided they have the bill with them – at the two Petersburg SunTrust branch locations, the two branch locations on Fort Lee and the branch in Colonial Heights off Charles Dimmock Parkway.

“We’re just trying to get the word out about that,” Brown said. One way that Brown has worked to get the word out is through advertisements in The Progress-Index. But he also has a sign up at the door to city hall advising those coming to pay their tax bills of the other methods that they can make payment.

That also includes an all new method – credit or debit cards.

“In the past, people apparently had asked about getting that ability,” Brown said. “Because the city didn’t have it, they’d have to go down to the ATM here in City Hall, get the money out and that would stop the flow of people.”

Now however, cashiers can accept the cards, but with a caveat – there’s a percent fee attached to paying with credit or debit cards. Brown said that’s the cost of the service to the city.

“It’s more convenient for the customer,” Brown added.

Today is the absolute deadline and Brown said that residents can rest assured as long as their payment is post-marked or dropped into a payment box by the end of the day, the payment will be credited as being on time.

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